PUBG MOBILE Coming soon!(India) – Pubg Mobile Unban News

What if I tell you that PUBG MOBILE is going to Unban in india, In fact If you read whole post then you gonna Play pubg again without any vpn or anything

PUBG Ban in India: Reliance Jio to the rescue?

Pubg unban news

PUBG Mobile’s ban saw a large chunk of angry Indian players leaving the game, PUBG Mobile’s one-fourth playing force. Some even linked Activision’s separation with Tencent to this ban.

Even though India accounts for only 1.2% revenue of PUBG Mobile, the ban hit Tencent very hard. In just two days after the ban, Tencent’s market value fell $34 Billion.

In about a week after the ban, PUBG Corporation (the main desktop game developer), announced that it is looking for a new partner in India. Well, as per a new report from The Business Line, Reliance Jio has emerged as a leading contender for gane’s publishing rights in India.

Could PUBG Jio Partnership Save The Day?

Pubg mobile coming soon in india

As per the report, the talks between Reliance Jio and PUBG Corporation have reached a stage where revenue sharing and localization have been discussed between the officials from both sides. A new source has also reported that “Legal experts from both sides are exploring possibilities on how revenues should be split, whether it would be 50:50 or Jio guaranteeing PUBG revenues based on a fixed number of users every month.”null

It remains to be seen if the PUBG Jio deal goes through, though we have no doubt in Ambani’s business capabilities, especially after Jio secured Billions of Rupees in funding.


It’s Because of privacy issues because if these apps/games steal our data then it will surely affect us,

What Information does Pubg mobile take from us?

  • Mobile Number
  • Email ID
  • Device Information
  • Social Media
  • And the Main thing: Our Emotions, Time, and Love

How does it affect Indian Gaming Community?

With pubg mobile the Indian gaming community was continuously growing as by time, Now in current situation More them 5Core Indians have downloaded this game and from 5 cores 3.5 cores player are active and playing everyday, It’s a Big number. Not players are growing but You tuber/streamers who stream pubg mobile were growing like

  • Mortal-60 Lakh subscriber
  • Dynamo- Lakh subscriber
  • Scoutt- Laskh subscribers

And many more like this…

There are several teams and clan which are growing together

  • OR
  • INS
  • IND

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